Security and Compliance

Are you protected from phishing and ransomware, the two most common threat scenarios? Chances are, you may need some help

Security and Compliance

“Identity and threat protection are high on customers' minds. Getting identity right is a critical part of a Microsoft 365 project and is the first place we start.” ~ Forrester

Security and Compliance

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The need for security that is more effective and efficient, with both a broader yet more granular reach, is growing so fast it seems nearly impossible to keep up with it, let alone, get ahead. Many factors are conspiring to render your systems and data more vulnerable. Yet companies are confronted with, on average, 70+ components comprising their current security and compliance solution and are simultaneously challenged with a shortage of qualified security staff to operate them effectively.

A hard-perimeter security architecture is no longer sufficient for an enterprise in an age of enterprise mobility, digital collaboration with business partners, endpoint explosion, and a hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure, least we include ‘shadow IT.’ It makes the Juniper Research projection for “data breaches to nearly triple from 12 billion records in 2018 to 33 billion in 2023” seem very likely.

While hackers are rapidly evolving their attack vectors to exploit these new vulnerabilities, companies are becoming inundated with new compliance regulations, which are becoming more rigorous and punitive all the time. GDPR data breach fines can reach 4% of gross annual revenue up to €20 million.

What is needed is a new approach towards security that is centralized and comprehensive, covering your cloud and on-premises infrastructure, employing zero trust concepts that are identity-centric with strong authentication, and conditional controls.

Netwoven offers a set of services to enable customers to meet these challenges head-on. Our experienced consultants with extensive industry and domain knowledge work with our clients to achieve their security and compliance objectives leveraging tremendous benefits offered through Microsoft’s comprehensive solution set.


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Identity and Access Management

Our experienced team can help you leverage Microsoft’s Identity and Access Management solutions to protect access to applications and resources across the corporate data center and into the cloud and enables additional levels of validation.
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Threat Protection

Microsoft’s Threat Protection solution for securing the modern workplace provides highly integrated and synergistic protection across identities, endpoints, user data, apps, and infrastructure.
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Threat Protection

Information Protection Management

Netwoven has extensive experience helping companies establish the fine-grained access control, encryption strategies, and sensitivity labels to their DLP objectives while enhancing collaboration efficiency.
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Security Management

We help our clients better understand their security posture with alerts, reports, and dashboards to help them quickly see and respond to problem areas; to implement consistent security controls by creating policies defining your security posture.
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Security Management

Unified Endpoint Management

Microsoft has now combined traditional client management and mobile device management in a single platform called Unified Endpoint Management. Netwoven has helped many businesses to accelerate their digital transformation journey by developing Unified Endpoint Management.
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