Security and Compliance

Are you protected from phishing and ransomware, the two most common threat scenarios? Chances are, you may need some help

Security and Compliance
Security and Compliance

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The need for security that is more effective and efficient, with both a broader yet more granular reach, is growing so fast it seems nearly impossible to keep up with it, let alone, get ahead. Many factors are conspiring to render your systems and data more vulnerable. Yet companies are confronted with, on average, 70+ components comprising their current security and compliance solution and are simultaneously challenged with a shortage of qualified security staff to operate them effectively.

A hard-perimeter security architecture is no longer sufficient for an enterprise in an age of enterprise mobility, digital collaboration with business partners, endpoint explosion, and a hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure, least we include ‘shadow IT.’ It makes the Juniper Research projection for “data breaches to nearly triple from 12 billion records in 2018 to 33 billion in 2023” seem very likely.

Netwoven offers a set of services to enable customers to meet these challenges head-on. Our experienced consultants with extensive industry and domain knowledge work with our clients to achieve their security and compliance objectives leveraging tremendous benefits offered through Microsoft’s comprehensive solution set.


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Identity and Access Management

According to the Verizon 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report, 52% of all breaches featured hacking and 71% of breaches were financially motivated. Phishing attacks, the practice of sending fraudulent emails to get individuals to reveal personal information, are continuing to prove successful. Find out more about how Netwoven can help you better manage your identity and access controls.
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Threat Protection

According to EY Global Information Security Survey, 22% of the organizations surveyed saw phishing as the top threat and 20% identified malware as their top threat. Additionally, these organizations identified zero-day attacks and targeted cyber attacks to steal financial information, disrupt or deface the organization, or steal intellectual property or data. Find out more about how Netwoven can help you be constantly aware of the current threat landscape and identifying attackers.
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Threat Protection

Sensitive Information Protection

According to the 2019 Ponemon Institute Cost of a Data Breach study, the cost incurred for each lost or stolen record of sensitive data is now at $150, with the total consolidated cost of a data breach at $3.92 million. Find out more about how Netwoven can help you protect your valuable data using Microsoft 365.
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Security Operations

To proactively manage security, organizations should consider implementing a security operations center (SOC). This is a centralized unit designed to address organizational and technical security levels where staff monitors the site using advanced data processing technology. The cornerstone capability underpinning any such effort is a set of centralized tools for monitoring and management. Very few organizations today claim they have a mature security management posture, according to EY’s 2018-2019 Global Information Security Survey. Find out more about how Netwoven can help you create your Security Operations Center.
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Security Operations

Unified Endpoint Management

According to Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) research, 73 percent of surveyed organizations indicated they have been affected by a malware attack, and only 58 percent reported a high level of confidence that they can detect a malware incident before it causes a business-impacting event. Find out more about how Netwoven can help you manage your endpoints better and prevent business catastrophes.
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Governance Risk & Compliance

Let us surface hidden compliance risks related to existing data within your organization - understand the compliance risks related to your organizational data & get a structured approach to mapping these risks to solutions.
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