Microsoft 365 Data Governance

Netwoven’s data governance manages your data through its life cycle- from acquisition to application to disposal

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Microsoft 365 Data Governance
Data Governance

We help your organization on its journey towards data maturity

Netwoven’s Microsoft 365 data governance service helps your organization maintain quality data throughout its lifecycle, ensuring security, availability, consistency, usability, and integrity.

Advantages of Netwoven’s Data Governance service

All companies face the need to measure and analyze their business performance. Effective data governance provides various benefits to organizations. You may be asking why does it matter? To name a few reasons for improvements in operational efficiency, data quality, and business decision-making.

We guide your organization throughout the transition stages of organizing and compiling the vast data sets and help you build an enhanced data governance approach. Our data governance service experts collaborate with your teams to understand your business goals. By analyzing your existing compliance processes, reduce the risk of inferior data quality to ensure that your data is proactively and effectively managed across the organization in a consistent format and is accessible and usable when required.

  • Netwoven assigns stewardship, management, and custodianship responsibilities for your data.
  • We empower your internal teams by laying out procedures for the effective management and protection of the data consistent with your business needs and goals.
  • We offer recommendations on data-related standards and protocols.

Data Governance requires the identification and execution of several workstreams to establish the foundation:

  • Identity and Access Management – This workstream ensures all internal and external identities are maintained appropriately. Organizations with Microsoft Active Directory will be able to define and execute this initiative.
  • Data Classification and Protection – This workstream is to ensure that appropriate classification labels are defined for the classification and protection of structured and unstructured data. Organizations that own Microsoft Purview can define and execute this initiative.
  • Data Retention – This workstream ensures that appropriate retention rules are defined and implemented using Microsoft Purview.
Why is Data Governance important?

Why is Data Governance important?

Netwoven’s Data Governance model brings the technology, processes, and people together, helping in efficient usage of business-critical data across the organizational chain.

Data Governance service helps you to:

  • Mitigate data risks
  • Avoid regulatory risks
  • Create high quality data
  • Attain data security
  • Reduce redundancy and rework
  • Optimize of employee productivity
  • Execute robust data distribution guidelines
  • Maintain consistency and efficient decision-making

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