Information Protection Management

Safeguard your sensitive information wherever it lives or travels

What’s your strategy for protecting business sensitive data?

  • Do you know where your business critical and sensitive data resides and what is being done with it?
  • Do you have control of this data as it travels inside and outside of your organization?
  • Are you using multiple solutions to classify, label and protect this data?

60% of Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Fold Within 6 Months of a Cyber Attack according to the National Cyber Security Alliance.

Netwoven has extensive experience helping companies establish the fine-grained access control, encryption strategies, and sensitivity labels to their DLP objectives while enhancing collaboration efficiency. We can help you further achieve and track compliance leveraging the Security Trust Portal and the Compliance Manager.

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We can help you in the following areas, and more…

  • Translating Governance policies into roles and access controls
  • Develop and implement conditional access controls
  • Identify critical data and apply encryption at rest, in-motion and in-process as needed.
  • Employ key vault for passwords, keys and certificates.
  • Define data tagging taxonomies and apply at data creation (automated, recommended or manual), discover and tag legacy data utilize those same policies and labels).
  • Control sensitive data flow to Shadow IT
  • Define access, sharing, retention rules based on roles and data classification
  • Prohibit or encrypt data sharing based on roles and data sensitivity classification
  • Encrypt device storage to prohibit data loss if the device is lost or stolen
  • Utilize the Security Trust Portal and Compliance Manager to evaluate, remediate and track compliance.

Information Protection Solutions

  • Azure Information Protection
  • Office 365 Information Protection
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Windows Information Protection

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