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Roadmap to Improve Office 365 Secure Score

Introduction Office 365 Secure Score is a value (score) which helps you assess the security stance of your Office[...]

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Azure Intune Device Security & ManagementĀ 

Introduction IT departments are rapacious for any robust or recognized slants that make your own device (BYOD)[...]

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We help our clients better understand their security posture with cyber security and vulnerability assessment, alerts, reports, and dashboards to help them quickly see and respond to problem areas; to implement consistent security controls by creating policies defining your security posture, then strengthen that posture with intelligence ongoing intelligence, actionable insights, and customized recommendations.

We can help you in the following areas, and moreā€¦

  • Verify all your environments to evaluate compliance regulatory requirements
  • Assess your security posture with security assessment, Information Security Audit and prioritize response to provided recommendations
  • Enable visibility, insights and optimization across all your applications, facilitated by machine learning
  • Bring security management together across multi-cloud and on-premises
  • Employ knowledge resource in Security Trust Portal and Compliance Manager to track, document, and report on various compliance standards
  • Employ security center for greater visibility and control of servers, cloud apps, data and IoT, providing recommendations and threat alerts
  • Achieve data loss and access controls across the enterprise

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