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Security Workshop Highlights
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Identify Security Gaps with Netwoven Security Briefing

The Netwoven Security, Compliance, Endpoint, and Identity briefings are designed to demonstrate and show your organization's Microsoft tenant baseline and advanced security. This along with compliance, identity, and endpoint strategy, priorities, initiatives, and roadmap to a more secure environment. Learn from Netwoven and Microsoft's best practices, with training, demonstrations, and assessments in your environment.

We can help you develop a strategic plan customized for your organization and based on the recommendations from Netwoven’s Microsoft cybersecurity experts.

Why do you need a security assessment workshop?

Security Workshop

Organizations today are managing a growing volume of data and alerts while dealing with tight budgets and vulnerable legacy systems. Get help from Netwoven to achieve your broader security objectives—and identify current and real threats—by scheduling a Netwoven Microsoft Security Workshop.

Why you should attend

  • Identify current, ongoing risks to your cloud environment
  • Walk away with actionable next steps based on your specific needs and objectives
  • Document your security strategy for the benefit of key stakeholders
  • Better understand how to accelerate your security journey using the latest tools
Compliance + Data Risk Workshop

In the past, managing data just meant dealing with some documents and mostly emails. Pervasive digital technology and the rapid shift to remote work have greatly expanded the information universe. Much of that data becomes stale or unused immediately after creation and contains information that could impose a compliance risk.

Why you should attend

  • Document your compliance objectives and strategy including compliant Teams deployment and use
  • Show how to understand, mitigate, and protect against potential compliance risks from dark data
  • Demonstrate ways to accelerate your compliance journey with the latest Microsoft technologies
  • Provide actionable next steps based on your needs and objectives
Identity Workshop

Identity is today’s control plane for digital transformation. Organizational barriers are blurring between who is in and out of your network. Cloud apps and the increasing use of personal devices and remote work mean that data is no longer centralized behind traditional network security.   

Why you should attend

  • Identify potential risks related to identity and see opportunities for improvement.
  • Receive a numerical rating of your security posture and see how it compares to similar organizations.
  • Minimize expenses associated with password reset and helpdesk resources.
  • Get a sample survey of apps your employees are using and if IT supports them or not.
Endpoint Management Workshop

Enable your users to be productive, on any device, at any time, without compromising IT security. Today’s users are looking for more ways to remain productive while working on any device. 95% of organizations allow personal devices in the workspace. All these devices add additional risks when you consider that 70 million smartphones are lost every year.

Why you should attend

  • Learn how to improve your management capabilities with Microsoft Endpoint Manager.
  • Discover & Protect your endpoints by enforcing policies and deploying security tools.
  • Secure your users’ identities with multi-factor authentication & conditional access from any device.
  • Enable your users to be productive with the applications they need, on the devices they want.

Security Workshop Highlights

By attending this workshop, our experts will work with you to:



We’ll confirm scope, logistics, provide an organizational questionnaire, and prerequisites for the experience.
Kickoff Session

Kickoff Session

We will firm up the agenda, expectations and establish timelines
Workshop Day

Workshop Day

We’ll deep dive into your organization’s assessment and security needs, talk about Microsoft security, and plan the next steps.
Final Review

Final Review

Netwoven team provides executive presentation & summary, actionable recommendations, and enterprise security roadmap to improve your organization's security posture.
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