Threat Protection

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Threat Protection

Don’t let sophisticated malware attacks cripple your business

As organizations are quickly adapting to the rapidly changing situation due to COVID-19, many companies are requiring that their employees work remotely from home, often for the first time. If the employee’s computer or home network isn’t secure, it leaves both the employee and the company at risk. Ransomware, stealing information, and shutting down the network entirely are all potential risks.

Microsoft’s Threat Protection solution for securing the modern workplace provides highly integrated and synergistic protection across identities, endpoints, user data, apps, and infrastructure. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we can help you to maximize your threat protection implementation.

By implementing just a handful of additional security measures and consistently reminding employees to pay more attention to basic security rules could pay dividends in the end. Just as quarantine and isolation will help all of us globally “flatten the curve” to stem the tide of the pandemic; collective caution and diligence will help organizations and the employees themselves avoid falling victim to avoidable incidents.

How Netwoven can help?

How Netwoven can help?

Netwoven can help you in the following areas, and more…

  • Design and implement cohesive threat protection for hybrid cloud, on-premises, and end-user devices
  • Establish a centralized console for security administration, monitoring, and reporting.
  • We can help you ensure your SIEM is receiving all relevant signals and add additional context with collaboratively sourced threat patterns from other Microsoft customers (5 trillion daily signals)
  • Create actionable insights from logs facilitated by AI and improve with ML
  • Define a roadmap to achieve unilateral hybrid cloud security policy definition, implementation, monitoring, alerting, and reporting
  • Implement Advanced Threat Protection across user devices, services, and cloud
  • Monitor and improve security across your hybrid cloud
  • Establish tools and practices to support effective protection, detection, and remediation

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