15 Years Journey Of Matthew Maher

It's True. . . I have made it 15 years at Netwoven. It's been a really fun journey so far.

When I started it was just three of us working on a single customer.

Now we have close to 150 spread across the globe with hundreds of clients.

I've been asked if I ever would have imagined working here for 15 years.

Early on I probably would have said no. But after the first few years, I saw how much we get to interact with customers, learn brand new technology, and how there is no ceiling on what we can get done.

Our leadership team Niraj, Viraj, Pankaj, and Walt have created a great company culture. We have hit on almost every big technology trend over the last decade and a half because of them.

So big thanks to them for steering the ship. and making Netwoven somewhere that everyone wants to spend 15 years at Netwoven.