A Drive from the Memory Lane - Rishank


A trip to remember, to cherish, to be nostalgic about, to dream about and all the happiness that bundles with this story in real.

Yes, I have travelled across India from Southern Peninsular to the Extreme North India covering 9 states and driving about 11000 kilometers in just 20 days. This is the story of my lifetime adventure.

It all started with a lot of guts, least of resources and sleepless nights. In the month of August 2019, we became parents for the first time, and my Wife needed some care and well being in her hometown city Jammu (Jammu & Kashmir).

My little baby and my wife both were away from me for more than 2 months, moreover, I was all alone in my lavish 3 BHK apartment staring at the walls and nosediving into my laptop screen for more than 14-16 hours. This was the time when I decided to QUIT! (Job it is … not life dude…)


Figured out the Job with Netwoven ending October and served my notice period on the Go from my last organization. I was ecstatic and full of Joy, now suddenly it was Diwali Time (1st Diwali without anyone).

Now, here comes my bestie’s entry “Arsh Bhatt – serving Microsoft SSE” called me up, we both were enjoying a video call, and suddenly he told me he does not find any reservations to visit his hometown in Bhopal from Pune.

This was it!! This was the Plan!! We are Off to Road!!

Left my place in Bengaluru early morning at 2:00 AM with 2 hoodies and some snacks off to Varanasi (my birthplace, and my hometown). Posted my ride on BLA-BLA car co-peering ride and joined by 3 strangers off to Pune. It took 18 hours for me to reach Pune, as it was raining heavily for a stretch of more than 500kms, although the distance from Bengaluru to Pune is roughly 900kms.

2 days halt, and we are again set to launch from Pune to Bhopal via Nashik-Dhule-Indore. Reached in a record time of 22 hours with ease, again dropping off some strangers to their destination for their Diwali Vacations too.


Celebrated Choti Diwali with my dear friend and his family, next early morning I left for my hometown to Varanasi via Vidhusa-Maher-Mirzapur, exhausted with all this driving, reached my place.

My parents did not have even an inch of clue or doubt that I am going to surprise then with my Beast “TATA NEXON - XZA” this Diwali. Firstly, got some fruitful scolding and then a lot of dearness from my father whom I lost the month after this trip.

Moreover, this trip was dedicated to him, as his one of the wishes was to sit in my Car and Drive along with the family. He was overjoyed to board for the first time in his Son’s Car, and we all went to visit the holy shrine of BABA Kaal Bhairav Temple

Celebrated the festival of lights in my hometown and stayed with my family for over 4days, left for my next destination Jammu via Lucknow-Kanpur-Agra-New Delhi- Noida-Panipat-Ambala-Ludhiana-Pathankot, a hectic ride of non-stop, alone for more than 34 hours covering 1400kms.


Here was my Wife Shocked and stunned in awe, after noticing my car entering her by lanes. Enjoyed a lot with my little baby who now had turned 3 months.
After spending some good time with my family, now it was the time to return back to the base “BENGALURU”, but not like this, wanted to end my journey by remembering my good old days, meeting some of my friends (school & college) with whom I had lost touch from a long time back. Went to my Engineering College in Aurangabad, Maharashtra and visited those lanes from where our Love Story Started with my Girlfriend “Ankita Pandita Ganguly” (now Wife).

Also, wanted to thank to the Almighty Mahadev!! After fulfilling my last leg of the journey to Rameshwaram as well as to the Ghost Town of Dhanushkodi.

This is the place where you see 2 oceans meet: Bay of Bengal & Indian Ocean
Lastly, with some good memories, and with a refreshed mind, I joined Netwoven and here I am with you all from the last 1.8 years.

Next up the Part 2 Journey from Bengaluru – Vishakhapatnam – Bhuvneshwar – Kolkata – Northeast – Bhutan – Mansarovar. So please Stay Tuned!!