Community Work by Tina Sharma

Social Work

During Covid times, we were stuck at home, and finally one day my kids and I decided to go for a drive, we drove around shared our thoughts, discussed front line workers, senior citizens and when we drove past the Tenderloin area in San Francisco we all got silent in pain, with no words to express but just wonder!

San Francisco is a foodie’s fantasyland, however, there is also extreme poverty and many people who don’t know where their next meal is going to come from. When we witnessed such a dichotomy between a flourishing food scene and homelessness all around we decided we have to give back to the community, help somehow.

I have always been an active community member so I just knew who to reach out to and brainstorm my ideas on how I would like to contribute. From April 19th until June 30th we cooked and served hot meals for the foster kids, one senior housing, and a few shelters every Friday. We served about 75 to 80 meal boxes every Friday.

I can’t even begin to understand the hardships the shelter residents faced on a daily basis, and simply serving a meal felt minuscule compared to how much needed to be done. But there were those moments when someone would maintain eye contact for a few seconds longer or compliment a smile, and we knew that however small our impact — if we could make just one person’s day brighter, then we were working toward something better.

Just a small glimpse of what we cooked and served the seniors, the foster homes and homeless. Now my next project for Christmas is the blanket drive. We will donate blankets to the underprivileged and foster homes. If any Netweaver is interested in helping me with this project, please feel free to reach out to me.