Covid Fitness Story - Joe Fioretti

Joe Fioretti

Before COVID lockdowns, my wife and I were part of a workout group called CampGladiator which met at various local school parking lots for an hour-long trainer led workout. We would typically alternate each morning who got to go work out, while the other stayed home with the kids.

Occasionally, we would bring all the kids with us so we could exercise together, but it was never quite the same since we couldn’t just focus on our workout.

Once the lockdowns started, CampGladiator quickly converted to a virtual program using ZOOM, and starting immediately we were able to sneak out to our driveway at 5AM and work out together.

Joe Fioretti

It quickly became the best part of every day, we would wake up early and be able to spend several hours together each morning motivating each other to workout harder, and then enjoying the sunrise before the kids started to wake up.

Since then, the workouts have gone back outside, but they have kept the virtual option, so we mix and match both now, and even have gotten some of our family members in other states involved.