My Fitness Goals – Krishna Shahapur

Krishna Shahapur

Hi , I am Krishna Shahapur. I am taking this opportunity to share my personal goals and the path I take to achieve them:

Goal 1: To be physically fit, which in turn gives me a strong body and a focused mind.
I love being active and have fun at work and life. I always focus on my physical fitness. I regularly exercise as it gives a lot of strength to my body and focus to my mind which helps me learn and enjoy what I do.

I am also a sports person and whenever I get the opportunity to be physically active, I get into work in sportive way.

Goal 2: To enhance my skill through constant learning and communicating.

My hobby is to learn things. I have also realized that words win heart. I like to keep myself in the learning mode and communicate my learnings with respect to work with my team.

Learning from the public community and within the organization is my passion, learning and communicating what I have learned is my passion.