NBA Final Wager at Netwoven: 5lbs of Lobstah or Dungeness Crab & a Bottle of Wine

NBA Playoff Wager


The San Francisco & Boston Netwoven offices have placed a wager on who will win the NBA Finals. Will it be the Celtics or the Warriors?

Behind closed doors at Netwoven, we have some fun. Being a remote workforce means we hang out in Teams quite often and enjoy some light-hearted humor and wagers. Our culture is rich with passionate people who love to laugh, crack jokes, and make silly side bets involving seafood. So, it comes as no surprise that Matthew Maher (Technical Director) in our Boston office sent a challenge to Walt De Petris (COO) in our San Francisco office wagering five pounds of lobster from the East Coast if his mighty Celtics win the championship. But Walt rebutted, with what can only be described as pure lunacy as he doubled down on his confidence, wagering a match of five pounds of Dungeness Crab AND a bottle of wine if the Warriors win.

Matt put this bold statement in our Teams chat on why he thinks the Celtics will win and his prediction on the final game.

Celtics go the distance and win in a tight Game 7
The up-and-coming Celtics are young, but don't let that fool you. These Celtics play like veterans and have more NBA playoff starts under their belt than most of the teams in the East. We also have that hustle, desire, and passion every coach wants in their team. Diving for loose balls, never taking a playoff, and most importantly the desire to win. They were the hottest team since the all-star break and took care of the #1 and #3 teams in the east to get the championship. Go Celtics go!

P.S. Call me when the Warriors win 11 out of 13 championships like the Celtics did in the 60, one of which was over the San Francisco Warriors.

It didn’t take long for Walt to come up with his own prediction and reasons why the Warriors will take the championship.

Warrior win in 6 games
Warriors are going to win the 2022 NBA Title because they have appeared in six of the last eight NBA Finals and collected three championships with the Stephen Curry-Klay Thompson-Draymond Green core. Golden State has reclaimed its championship mojo, a renaissance that will continue in a hard-fought series that will see Steph Curry & Co. claim a fourth championship. Yes, the Celtics have a world-class defense, but the Warriors have the answers in Steph, Klay, Poole, and Wiggins -- players who will fire an offense that will find its way through, and over, Boston. Throw in a Golden State defense that was the regular season's best, and the most impressive championship in Warrior’s history is just a few weeks away.

We’re weeks away from finding out who will win this bet. Stay tuned for part II of this rivalry after the finals are done.