Something lovely discovered by chance - Debopoma


Travel has a very different place in our lives for those who love to travel. Its like oxygen for the brain and peace for the heart. I travel a lot and have travelled to different parts of India and other countries and it is discovering the unknown that gives me immense pleasure and excitement to discover more. Owing to the pandemic situation all we can do is relish those memories visit those nostalgia to rejuvenate ourselves.

So here am sharing some beautiful memories of my last trip to Europe (Amsterdam, Paris, Switzerland, and Austria).

We all follow an itinerary and visit those places in the checklist, the so called “tourist spots”. But I am sure most of us in that process stumble across lifetime experiences discovering the unknown. Here is a cup of memories from that river full of them.

In Amsterdam one fine evening we decided to walk back to our hotel from the city centrum. It was roughly 10-12 km walk but the city is so beautiful with lovely canals and streets it was worth exploring (google map is a blessing for travellers like us).


The stroll was incomparable to any spots mentioned in our checklist. Beautiful small cafes, bridges, churches, canals, flower adorned streets left us mesmerized to an extent that we planned a separate trip to Netherlands.

In Switzerland we decided to enjoy the countryside and stayed in small towns like Wengen and Engelberg. It was the best experience till date. The picturesque landscapes and towns make you fall in love with the place repeatedly. One evening we were just strolling the streets of Wengen when the view stunned us. The full moon on top of the mighty Alps made the snow glisten like silver.

It is something I can never forget it whilst we spend the evening in the town centre with live country music and the splendid view. The Switzerland countryside is extremely beautiful with fairy tale towns like Grindelwald, Murrain, Brien, Thun, Zermat and that is the real Switzerland.


Each town will leave you spell bound with its own rustic beauty some with their green meadows, some with snow-capped mountains whilst others with beautiful lakes. A trek from Murrain to the foot of the hill gave an amazing view of the Alps.

Whilst Brien offers a town with a beautiful lake with flower adorned streets and wooden houses. One can see this town from the train to Wengen, Lauterbrunnen. We just got down from the train one afternoon and explored the beautiful town. Thun another town harbours a small town with serene water and waterside castles.

While there are many more such experiences, I believe not all those who wander are lost. Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.

I do look forward to a Covid free world where I can travel and explore the world, which is an extremely beautiful one with different cultures, different landscapes, different cities, different cuisines, different mountains, different seas and many more adventures…