Work Anniversary – Arghya Roy

Arghya Roy

I joined Netwoven at a time when I was looking for a more successful career path and try to rid me of all the monotony I had back then. I was desperately looking for a platform where I would have a chance to evaluate modern technologies and prove myself as a skilled employee of an organization.  After a couple of interviews with Netwoven, when I was selected, I was hesitant as to whether my participation here would be good or bad.  The question in my mind was whether I could leave a familiar and comfortable place and qualify myself in a place that stranger to me. But all I can say today is that my decision was 100% right.

For the first time in my career, I realized how an organization can work together like a family.

Everyone helps and respects as much as they can be extreme professionals for work.

Today I have no hesitation in admitting that most of what I have been able to achieve has come from Netwoven.

On my five-years anniversary, I would like to thank you all my colleagues. I absolutely could not have done it without your help, nor can I take the next steps without your co-operation. A BIG Thanks to My Leaders--- I would especially like to thank all My Leads, Managers, Sr. Managers and Directors. 

I owe my growth in professional and personal spheres to your support and encouragement. I will forever be grateful for giving me the opportunity to be one of this family. I can and will learn a lot from now on. I hope my journey will be as good in the future.

A message for newcomers - Netwoven is the best place to develop your abilities and prove yourself with the highest level of professional satisfaction.  You will have lot of learning opportunity here. Thank you all again!!