Work Anniversary – Gursimran Singh

Gursimran Singh

My experience with Netwoven has been nothing short of exceptional. From the very first day getting introduced to the corporate world, I saw that the company's mindset was quite unique among the sea of bureaucratic consulting firms.

Being able to be close knit with the entire company fosters a type of work environment that motivates and encourages me to always aim to exceed expectations.

A funny/embarrassing story I remember from my first trip to a client: On the way back after being dropped off at the park and ride, my car battery had died so I sat there thinking, oh great, I'm about to call the CEO of the company I just started working at to give me a jump-start.

To my surprise, Niraj turned back from the freeway to help a young 23-year-old new hire with car trouble.
This was the first indication to me that I was in the right place. Looking forward to many more years together.