15 Years Journey Of Matthew Maher

It's True. . . I have made it 15 years at Netwoven. It's been a really fun journey so far.

When I started it was just three of us working on a single customer.

Now we have close to 150 spread across the globe with hundreds of clients.

I've been asked if I ever would have imagined working here for 15 years.

Early on I probably would have said no. But after the first few years, I saw how much we get to interact with customers, learn brand new technology, and how there is no ceiling on what we can get done.

Our leadership team Niraj, Viraj, Pankaj, and Walt have created a great company culture. We have hit on almost every big technology trend over the last decade and a half because of them.

So big thanks to them for steering the ship. and making Netwoven somewhere that everyone wants to spend 15 years at Netwoven.

Organic Gardening - Roopa

Who would not want to wake up to a beautiful Garden that welcomes with a Morning Smile and adds that Bliss to rest of the day.

Welcome to NetWeaver Roopa N’s Little Garden..!!


Amidst all the chaos in the world, there are these tiny seedlings that has its impact completely different during ‘New Normal’. The first thought everyone has with regards to Organic Gardening are:
Does it Work?? Requires a lot of effort!! I don’t have the time!!


Well, Gardening falls under the category of Meditation - a form of art that gives you a lot of positivity and happiness whenever you see a small seedling grown from your hands. The little blossoms and seedlings in the house just make anyone’s day a better one.

We at Netwoven believe ENTHUSIASM for the job puts PASSION in the work !!

Let us contribute to our Environment & Stay Green!!

Work Anniversary – Arghya Roy

Arghya Roy

I joined Netwoven at a time when I was looking for a more successful career path and try to rid me of all the monotony I had back then. I was desperately looking for a platform where I would have a chance to evaluate modern technologies and prove myself as a skilled employee of an organization.  After a couple of interviews with Netwoven, when I was selected, I was hesitant as to whether my participation here would be good or bad.  The question in my mind was whether I could leave a familiar and comfortable place and qualify myself in a place that stranger to me. But all I can say today is that my decision was 100% right.

For the first time in my career, I realized how an organization can work together like a family.

Everyone helps and respects as much as they can be extreme professionals for work.

Today I have no hesitation in admitting that most of what I have been able to achieve has come from Netwoven.

On my five-years anniversary, I would like to thank you all my colleagues. I absolutely could not have done it without your help, nor can I take the next steps without your co-operation. A BIG Thanks to My Leaders--- I would especially like to thank all My Leads, Managers, Sr. Managers and Directors. 

I owe my growth in professional and personal spheres to your support and encouragement. I will forever be grateful for giving me the opportunity to be one of this family. I can and will learn a lot from now on. I hope my journey will be as good in the future.

A message for newcomers - Netwoven is the best place to develop your abilities and prove yourself with the highest level of professional satisfaction.  You will have lot of learning opportunity here. Thank you all again!!

Work Anniversary – Debashis Mondal

Debashis Mondal

“It's been a wonderful experience to be associated with Netwoven. My skill sets got enhanced in many folds over the years. The journey has been mesmerizing.

I still can smell those initial days wherein I was trying to update my technical skills. It was then while I was compelled to go deep into my "R&D". I am profoundly thankful to Netwoven for bringing out the best out of me.

I wish to express my gratitude towards all the Seniors who guided me in every situation towards smooth projects' accomplishment.

A journey to remember - An experience to explore - An Organisation to work with!”

Work Anniversary – Aniruddha Mukherjee


I have heard people saying that “time really flows thick and fast”. But have never realized it, if I didn’t get this chance of spending 10 years of my life with Netwoven, still remembering those initial days on Joining and Onboarding in Netwoven….Netwoven has become a part of my extended family and never felt that it is just a work place for me.

The senior management team are the best mentors and guide, who introduced the culture that believes in taking out the best of an individual by leading them from the front. The flat management structure here at Netwoven will never make anyone feel that it’s just an organization for them, as they can approach even the top management in case they face any issues related to their professional as well as personal life.

Netwoven Managers are like our elders who constantly support, guide and help us in overcoming our hurdles related to regular project related tasks and are the Best at their corresponding technical domains I have ever seen in my life.

A long story short – Netwoven has become a part and parcel of my life now due to all the people I mentioned about and the collaborative culture truly makes this organization a fun place to work at Netwoven.

Work Anniversary – Gursimran Singh

Gursimran Singh

My experience with Netwoven has been nothing short of exceptional. From the very first day getting introduced to the corporate world, I saw that the company's mindset was quite unique among the sea of bureaucratic consulting firms.

Being able to be close knit with the entire company fosters a type of work environment that motivates and encourages me to always aim to exceed expectations.

A funny/embarrassing story I remember from my first trip to a client: On the way back after being dropped off at the park and ride, my car battery had died so I sat there thinking, oh great, I'm about to call the CEO of the company I just started working at to give me a jump-start.

To my surprise, Niraj turned back from the freeway to help a young 23-year-old new hire with car trouble.
This was the first indication to me that I was in the right place. Looking forward to many more years together.

Community Work by Tina Sharma

Social Work

During Covid times, we were stuck at home, and finally one day my kids and I decided to go for a drive, we drove around shared our thoughts, discussed front line workers, senior citizens and when we drove past the Tenderloin area in San Francisco we all got silent in pain, with no words to express but just wonder!

San Francisco is a foodie’s fantasyland, however, there is also extreme poverty and many people who don’t know where their next meal is going to come from. When we witnessed such a dichotomy between a flourishing food scene and homelessness all around we decided we have to give back to the community, help somehow.

I have always been an active community member so I just knew who to reach out to and brainstorm my ideas on how I would like to contribute. From April 19th until June 30th we cooked and served hot meals for the foster kids, one senior housing, and a few shelters every Friday. We served about 75 to 80 meal boxes every Friday.

I can’t even begin to understand the hardships the shelter residents faced on a daily basis, and simply serving a meal felt minuscule compared to how much needed to be done. But there were those moments when someone would maintain eye contact for a few seconds longer or compliment a smile, and we knew that however small our impact — if we could make just one person’s day brighter, then we were working toward something better.

Just a small glimpse of what we cooked and served the seniors, the foster homes and homeless. Now my next project for Christmas is the blanket drive. We will donate blankets to the underprivileged and foster homes. If any Netweaver is interested in helping me with this project, please feel free to reach out to me.