Employee Wellness Program, 2021

As of 2021, we will launch the Employee Wellness Program! This program encourages healthy behaviors and rewards employees for taking action to be well.

We will offer monthly challenges to meet your wellness needs. We will have health and wellness speakers once a quarter to help you understand deeper benefits. We will also share tons of free tools you can use to monitor and track your health and fitness.

Did you know January is officially a health and fitness month! Now that the holidays are left behind, let us focus on something, one thing that matters to us, it could be getting stronger, it could be getting leaner, it could be eating clean, it could eating less sugar – ANYTHING! This is YOUR ONE THING, YOUR GOAL!!! Are you ready to take control of that one thing? I know I AM!

To jumpstart this plan, we will have three challenges posted here for first the first quarter, feel free to sign up for all of them or just one of them or just be an observer.

January 2021: The walking challenge

  • Walk 10k steps each day……. Walk as you talk
  • To achieve this, you can stay indoors too (we understand it could be difficult with the pandemic and restrictions to step out)
  • Use some youtube videos to walk in a place and complete 1 mile

Once you sign up, we will show you how to log your workout!

February 2021: The Hydration Challenge

  • Drink a gallon of water (3.78liters)

Once you sign up, we will share the tricks and reasons to hydrate yourself.  We will also show how to monitor your daily progress.

March 2021: Eat Clean Challenge

  • Your choice of clean – you set your rules, but stick to it

Annual Medical Camp, 2020

There is no wealth greater than good health and it is imperative for all of us to understand this basic truth of life.

Netwoven also understands how important its employees are and cares about their Health and Wellness. With the intent to promote good health and encourage fitness among its employees, Netwoven has conducted Annual Health Check Up camp in early March at office premises. A detailed health check-up for all Employees, various medical test & Doctor consultation for all the employees was done at the office premises.

Annual Medical Camp
Annual Medical Camp
Annual Medical Camp

With hectic schedules and juggling time between work and home, many of us ignore routine health check-ups until it becomes obligatory. Providing such facility at the workplace make things convenient and boost the morale of employees.

Netwoven wishes to provide continuous wellness and quality of work life to its employees and foster Healthy workplace for employees with many more such events in future.

Annual Medical Camp
Annual Medical Camp
Annual Medical Camp