Solution Architect

Key Skills: Azure, Docker, AKS, LaaS, PaaS

Job Type: Contract Corp-To-Corp, 12 Months

Location: Remote

Job Description:

Related to the PM skills, for the most part, we will be working in ADO at the User Story/Task level. If the resource is strong in time management, prioritization, and communicating risks, they will work.

Related to the Cyber/IRM skills there are 2 aspects I want to be clear on.

  1. During the project (PoC, Testing): During the testing phase, the primary focus will be determining if the solution can meet the primary business objectives (business case). Most of the work is not connected to production (public cloud), so there is less Cyber/IRM risk during the actual project execution. The primary focus is protecting data. If the project is using pure test data, which is encouraged, there is little to no risk to the Client.
  2. Evaluating for Commercialization: During the project, the Solution Architect will need to provide input on how ready the solution is to operate as a production application in the Client. Does it meet encryption standards, does it integrate with Azure AD, etc? It’s a list of questions that we already have documented guidance on that a smart resource would be able to pick up quickly.

The R&D Solution Architect has been identified as a new position for the Innovation & Commercialization Group in the Client Technical Center. Among the capabilities Innovation & Commercialization provides is consulting and technical support for R&D projects leveraging our R&D lab in Azure and On-Premise. The lab strives to provide a fast turnaround of infrastructure (IaaS, PaaS, etc.) and targeted consulting services required to projects evaluating and developing emerging technologies in non-production environments for customers like Client Technology Ventures, Client Technical Center IT R&D, etc.

Key Job Responsibilities:

  • Create and communicate cost and time estimates for installation/set-up of technologies in a non-production environment and any other terms & conditions applicable for the technology (with help from other lab resources).
  • Analyze and fulfill multiple concurrent requests for infrastructure deployment & software installation/deployment of technologies.
  • Responsible for fulfillment/delivery and maintenance of non-production environments for testing (Proof of Concept, Field-Trial, etc.) technologies.
  • Provide tracking of resources and support for technology lifecycle in the lab meeting/exceeding lab requirements for the technology.
  • Decommissioning resources.
  • Provide gap assessment documents for architecture, IRM, cybersecurity, etc.


  • Four-year college degree - Experience in application and information architecture, preferably, in context with cloud service.
  • 4+ years’ Azure experience building and deploying applications/solutions through ADO pipeline and manually.
    • Hands on experience with Docker, AKS, Application Gateway, Windows/Linux VM’s, CPU/GPU, Machine Learning Workspaces, Azure Networking, SQL, Log Analytics, IoT Hub, etc.
  • 8+ years’ experience architecting, developing, and supporting enterprise solutions.
  • Experience building and deploying IaaS, PaaS and applications/solutions in Amazon Web Services and/or Google Cloud Platform a plus.


  • Recognized IT mastery in cloud and on-prem services, data and network integration, information management, and application architecture.
  • Demonstrated ability to assess multiple technologies.
  • Clear drive and passion for delivering IT architecture and services.
  • Strong business & technical communication skills; demonstrated ability to share technical concepts and analysis to influence business and technical audiences.

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