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Q2 - 2020


I want to thank you for putting your trust with Netwoven during this turbulent time. Like every organization, our company continues to navigate through the challenges of COVID-19 and is committed to supporting our customers around the globe. We are seeing encouraging early signs of recovery in select markets and industries and hope that will soon be more universal in the coming weeks and months ahead.

During the last few months, we have consolidated our position to help customers in their digital transformation journey which makes a big difference in how we work from anywhere, anytime without risking our lives. And, we are blessed with such an amazing worldwide community of change agents leveraging Microsoft cloud solutions every day to make our planet safer, healthier, and more sustainable for the future.

Business has been encouraging even during these times and we’re seeing a significant uplift in all of our businesses that includes content and collaboration, business applications, and security and compliance. This is a result of companies wanting to accelerate their migration to the cloud, business more agile applications, and secure their environments.

We continue to help our partners whether with all Microsoft products or having a heterogeneous environment with other products. Netwoven consultants continue to help define the roadmap, architecture and work with customers to execute on their implementations.

We look forward to a productive and exciting association with all of you. If you have any questions/feedback, please feel free to reach out to me at Here’s some additional news from Netwoven that can be of value to you.

Helping companies consolidate collaboration during the pandemic

Working from home is more relevant now than ever. Netwoven has been recently acknowledged by Microsoft as a leading partner to enable companies to achieve this using Microsoft Teams in conjunction with SharePoint Online and OneDrive for business.

Netwoven offers a software consolidation service to help reduce the number of collaboration software solutions (like Jive, Slack, eRoom, Documentum, etc.) in use in your organizations, reducing your monthly costs so you can keep your business running. We achieve this through the following

  • Assessment of the current solution
  • Solution Development
  • Rollout of the solution with Adoption & Change Management

For more information email us at or visit our website

Netwoven Recognized as Microsoft Preferred Content Services Partner

Microsoft launched its Content Services platform with the aim of establishing a collaborative “anytime, anywhere” approach to today’s workplace by delivering a modern, end-to-end set of software and services that connect workplaces and enable intelligent content management. Netwoven has been appointed as a charter member of this program for its proven success in the following workloads:

  • Knowledge Management: Gathering, organizing, sharing, and analyzing an organization's knowledge in terms of resources, documents, and people skills
  • Migration: Moving systems from one operating environment to another
  • Workflow: Updating business processes and workflows to align with future business requirements

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