Search Based Business Intelligence Application

Q2 - 2012

“Big Data” Problems Today’s enterprises have “Big Data” problems–a data collection that has grown so big that it has become difficult to handle it using conventional Relational Data Management system or search systems. Data such as meter or sensor readings, event logs, Web pages, social network content, email messages and multimedia files is now too voluminous, complex or fast-moving to be of much use. As a result of this evolution, the Big Data universe is beginning to yield insights that are changing the way we work. And, the world of business intelligence (BI) is changing. The user community is demanding new forms of business intelligence applications. Most of these new forms of BI require technologies that have been around for some time, but have been alien for most business intelligence environments until the advent of search-based BI applications. How are search-based business intelligence applications a key to business intelligence?

Join us on May 8 in downtown San Francisco at the Microsoft offices for another thought leadership event. Decision-making executives will learn how Content Intelligent Search Based Applications can help you get the most benefit from your SharePoint deployments. Netwoven, Smartlogic and Microsoft will show you how to enable effective migration, records retention, disposition, and data loss prevention within SharePoint. Attendees will be entered into a random drawing for a Kindle Fire or a copy of Microsoft Office.

Seven Mistakes to Avoid in Migrations

Did your company adopt SharePoint in a “Ready, Fire, Aim” fashion? If so, you may have already made one of the seven mistakes that companies fall victim to in migrations. Learn how to avoid these mistakes and how Netwoven can help you be a sharp-shooter in defining your organization’s policy and approach to adopting SharePoint. Download our complimentary presentation today!

How Search Cuts Costs and Improves Productivity

Think “search” only applies to web sites and mobile phones? If so, you may be missing out on a key area for improving employee satisfaction and productivity, while cutting total project costs. Enterprise search in a corporate environment has impact on customers, prospects, employees, processes and data security. A well-planned strategy for implementing enterprise search in your organization has many benefits — from helping customers connect to the right teams and offers to government and regulatory compliance to amalgamating data from diverse areas within the company to allowing top management to quickly assess the ever-changing business market and adapt. If you’d like to learn how your company can keep a step ahead of the competition with enterprise search, read on.

I look forward to greeting you in person at our Thought Leadership event in May. With global data doubling every 2 years, your business can’t afford to be late-to-the-game in planning your Search Based Application strategy. We look forward to assisting you in developing your game-changing plan

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