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Q3 - 2012

Netwoven officially announces the launch of its blog site. “We are very excited about this initiative as our clients, partners, and attendees of our events have been asking about it”, says Niraj Tenany, President and CEO of Netwoven. The Netwoven blog will be the core part of Netwoven’s content strategy to provide readers with information that is:

  • Easy to read
  • Flows properly
  • Translates complex subjects to easy terms
  • Actionable information
  • Field experience

The content is targeted primarily for IT developers and managers, as well as business users.

Visit the Netwoven Blog here.

Netwoven Investments in SharePoint 2013

  • Consultants actively working with the SharePoint 2013 Preview in our labs
  • Consultants frequently blogging about their knowledge and experience working with SharePoint 2013 in the lab
  • Consultants developing new and interesting applications for SharePoint 2013
  • Netwoven participating in the SharePoint trade show in November

Ready to Yamm! Read the Impact Analysis Article on Yammer Purchase By Microsoft

With the recent announcement of Yammer’s purchase by Microsoft, the social media software companies are already scrambling to figure out their strategies. Just last week, Oracle announced the acquisition of Involver, a social media company. This is Oracle’s third acquisition of a social media company in the last two months. Salesforce has also acquired Buddy Media in the social media space. This has left leaders like Jive scrambling to determine their next move.

We at Netwoven are pretty excited about this acquisition and the impact it will make on our customer’s social media strategies. Microsoft’s brilliant move is reminiscent of the acquisitions Microsoft made several years ago in the Collaboration, Web Content Management, and Business Intelligence space. For readers who are interested, we have outlined a summary of the moves Microsoft made and the impact on the technology landscape.

Request Management in SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 has many cool features. The Request Management capability is one of them. This pairs up an old feature in 2010 called Resource Throttling with a new feature called Routing Rules. These Resource Rules allow you to redirect traffic coming into your farm based on the following properties:

  • URL
  • URLReferrer
  • UserAgent
  • Host
  • IP
  • HTTPMethod
  • SoapAction
  • CustomHeader

The operators that you can use on these rules are: StartsWith, EndsWith, Equals, and even RegEx. This is a very similar function that you may already have in your application load balancers (F5, Cisco).

Netwoven at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, November 12th – 15th

Netwoven is pleased to be an exhibitor at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas. Our experts will also be available from the USA and India to participate in the event. We are quite excited about the key themes of SharePoint 2013: Social, Big Data, Enterprise Content Management, Business Intelligence, and Search. These areas present opportunities and challenges for IT professionals, such as the opportunity to solve more complex problems with newer and robust technologies, and address challenges such as the steep ramp-up on technology.

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