Netwoven Celebrates 12 years in Business

Q4 - 2012

In 2001, Viraj and I left our positions at Microsoft and other businesses to launch a new venture. This was the year the Dot Com era experienced a great deal of pain and course correction

In spite of the gloomy state, we saw promising opportunities. We spent countless months exploring products and consulting ideas before finally settling on launching a consulting company that specialized in Enterprise Information Management.

The foundation of the company was based on the following beliefs:

  • Data will be king
  • New and interesting problems and opportunities will arise in the unstructured data management space
  • Integration of unstructured and structured data will play a significant role in the upcoming decade
  • Microsoft will play a significant role in this space and has the potential to become the ERP for unstructured data
  • Mobile devices will play a significant role

All the above reminded us of the mid-1990s when the ERP market had several vendors trying to solve different parts of the problem. The 1990s saw an exponential growth in the area of ERP business and we anticipated a similar future in the area of Unstructured Data Management.

Since then, it has been an exciting journey. Our strategic bets have proven to be correct, and as a result, we are enjoying significant client relationships, solving critical problems, and enjoying healthy growth.

I would like to personally thank our friends, customers, and well-wishers for having the trust and faith in a small group of people with big ideas. We would like thank the employees of Netwoven for trusting a promising startup and partnering with us to see the tree blossom and bear fruit.

Here are a few facts I’d like to share to celebrate the moment:

  • October 2001 Official Launch of Netwoven
  • January 2002 First Official Direct Customer – Jelly Belly Candy Company
  • 2004 Signing of Microsoft as a customer
  • December 2006 Launch of Offshore Center

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank Dan Rosman, VP of IT at Jelly Belly Candy Company, for putting his trust in a company comprised of only two people to help shape their Business Intelligence system using the newly launched Microsoft platform.

Netwoven Strategic Outlook

Each year we evaluate the various trends in the industry and refine our services and partnerships to support the trends. Netwoven is pleased to announce the following services and partnerships to support our client needs:


  • Enterprise Content Management
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Mobile for the Enterprise
  • Cloud Services


  • Microsoft
  • SAP
  • Apple

Stay tuned for the launch of our new website using SharePoint 2013 with new and expanded services.

Join Us At The SharePoint Conference

Netwoven is pleased to participate in the SharePoint 2013 conference in Las Vegas, NV. Join our party at the Luxor’s Aurora Lounge and meet the Netwoven experts.

This is our last newsletter for 2012. On behalf of Netwoven, we would like to wish you a happy holidays.

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