Seamless Migrations to Office 365 Help Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity

Q4 - 2014

Netwoven continues its tradition to provide valuable information for education as well as action.

Netwoven just completed its 3rd quarter by delivering on several new exciting and challenging projects and signing new clients.

The Office 365 footprint is expanding rapidly and Netwoven is helping our clients get the most out of the Office 365 platform.

Here’s a brief look at few key projects:

  • Migration from SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint online for a large Networking company
  • Migration of Exchange On-premise to exchange online for several smaller organizations
  • Migration from Jive to SharePoint 2013

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Analytics on the Cloud using Power BI for Office 365

  • In the race to move to the cloud, Microsoft has added Power BI for Office 365 to its suite of cloud products. Users can use the familiar Microsoft excel interface to create their dashboards, reports using advanced charting and visualization capabilities. Users can then publish these components to the Power BI for Office 365 subscription.
  • You might be wondering how Power BI for Office 365 is integrated with your Office 365 tenant! Microsoft has done a great job in integrating it to the Office 365 Administration Console so Global Administrators can manage it along with other Office 365 components.
  • The Power BI for Office 365 is an Agile BI platform ranked in the leaders quadrant by Forrester Research (click here for the report). Agile BI provides today’s end users the information agility required to make rapid decision in this constantly changing customer and business requirements environment.
  • Netwoven invites you to join us at a seminar at the Microsoft Silicon Valley office in Mountain View on Sales Analytics using Power BI for Office 365 and

Jive to Office 365 Migration

Not too long ago Jive was seen as the gold standard for Social business across the enterprise. Today customers are considering migrating from Jive to other platforms for a variety of reasons. Office 365 and its social capabilities are making businesses consider it as a viable alternative that not only provides great social features but also significant cost savings in licensing and support.

Netwoven has developed a migration utility that enables companies to migrate their Jive instances to Office 365 SharePoint and Yammer. Our migration process consists of the following high level steps:

  • Proof Of Concept to demonstrate the feasibility of the migration and experience
  • Assessment to review the current Jive environment and a recommendation
  • Information Architecture Design to map the Jive artifacts to SharePoint and / or Yammer
  • Iterative migration (milestone based) using our global delivery team

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Migrating Your On-Premise SharePoint to Office 365

Heard the buzz lately about Office 365 and why you should migrate your On-premise SharePoint to Office 365 on the cloud?  If you are an IT manager and own the SharePoint environment, this requires immediate attention.

The move to Office 365 is real and is no longer limited to smaller organizations. Organizations with 10,000 or more users are considering this as part of their strategy.  Netwoven has been working with small and large organizations to move their On-Premise SharePoint and other repositories to Office 365.  Netwoven has perfected the process for these migration projects.  Our process consists of the following high level steps for performing the migration:

  • Defining the vision and scope
  • Information Architecture and Planning
  • Pre-Migration Analysis
  • Migration Setup
  • Iterative Migration Process
  • Post Migration wrap-up
  • Governance

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