The most comprehensive Microsoft 365 governance platform available today!

A Zero Trust Protection, Compliance, and Experience platform for Microsoft 365 that safeguards critical information, while limiting future litigation and compliance exposure.

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Microsoft 365 Governance Application

Maintaining governance in Microsoft 365 can be a challenge

Would you like to strike the perfect balance between user empowerment and administrative control? Leverage our governance platform to enable your admins, content owners, and content consumers to achieve more

Govern 365 transforms your Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) Governance plan into action.  It helps you strike the perfect balance between user empowerment and administrative control. Gain actionable insights into where your administrators and collaboration change consultants should focus their time for maximum impact.  Using Govern 365 you can automate the implementation of your content lifecycle management policies and enable information and data governance in Microsoft 365.  Leverage our governance platform to enable your admins, content owners, and content consumers to achieve more. Schedule a demo today!

Why Govern 365

Why Govern 365

  • Information protection in Sharepoint, Teams, Yammer & more.
  • Quick deployment within 60 minutes, and easy to use.
  • Content lifecycle management using recertification and smart disposition capabilities.
  • Eliminate undetectable loss or theft.
  • Makes it easier for users and admins to unlock and manage the powerful features of Microsoft 365.
  • Encourages good data citizenship through protection and workspace tagging.

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Govern Microsoft 365, whenever, wherever…

Govern Microsoft 365, whenever, wherever…

  • Unified Directory: Simple and functional, easy-to-use experience, where everything you need is in one dashboard.
  • Designed for Microsoft Teams: Built from the ground up for Microsoft Teams.
  • Device-agnostic: works across any device, platform, resolution, and orientation.
  • Card Density: dense cards that include icons with tooltips indicating workspace settings, metadata tags, and much more.
  • Filter & Find: Filter by workload, protection and sharing status, or workspace user role, and even modified date.
  • Responsibility Metrics: Highlights content responsibility for all returned workspaces within find & filter scope, indicating workload, ownership, protection, and sharing status.
  • New Workspace Request: Guided processes with customizable messaging, that make workload and template selection simple.

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Govern 365 Features

Govern 365 Features

End-to-end Protection with Govern 365
Govern 365's automatic content protection builds the power of Microsoft sensitivity label-based content protection right into your workspaces, providing no-touch encryption of sensitive uploaded content.

Compliance with Govern 365
Govern 365's deep content inventory and mechanized lifecycle capabilities let you finally complete the content lifecycle, through regular recertification and smart disposition, limiting undue future litigation liability risk.

Experience with Govern 365
Govern 365's powerful system of workloads and templates and provisioning pipeline processes ensure governance, brand standards, and protection compliance.

Virtual Data Rooms (VDR)
Govern 365 virtual data rooms and automatic protection ensure enterprise-grade security to your sensitive information in Microsoft 365.

As the number of business collaborations being conducted online is increasing steadily, businesses are sharing their most sensitive information with both internal and external stakeholders. Virtual data rooms have been the ideal repository to facilitate this highly secured sharing scenario. Organizations today need the ability to leverage their Microsoft 365 investment and the powerful MIP features, to support a variety of VDR use cases in the Microsoft cloud.

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Brett Cox
Govern 365 is a comprehensive solution that has helped us apply governance policies to our Microsoft 365 environment.
Brett CoxCollaboration Specialist, Keysight Technologies
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$4.24 M
The average total cost of a Data breach
of firms have experienced cybersecurity breaches in their supply chain
of corporate data files are not protected at all

Let us show you how Govern 365 is empowering admins by giving them the level of control and visibility they need to unlock Microsoft 365’s most advanced features and capabilities.

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