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Org Chart Navigator Application - Find people and their skills in the organization

Organizations today can look at reporting structures using Outlook and Delve. However, these tools are limited in the type of information they provide and often do not provide an effortless way to traverse the organization hierarchy. These tools also do not provide the ability to find people based on skills.

Netwoven provides an interactive and real-time Org Chart Navigator (OrgFinder) for viewing and communicating within the organizational structure for employees and their managers. OrgFinder is a feature-packed solution with hierarchical navigation structure, Delve link, skill search, and many other features.

Search for an employee by name or their skillset directly from the OrgFinder. OrgFinder search drop-down comes with an employee image along with their skills & designation, which helps in locating a person easily.

With a simple configuration and set-up, OrgFinder is ready on your SharePoint site with facilities, such as printing to PDF, grid view and detail view of an employee.

Embed your Org Chart Navigator Application as a SharePoint web or app part so it can be viewed on your intranet.

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Key Features




Search for an employee with full or partial name, or search by the skill set.



View the skill set, location, email of any employee. Get the delve profile link and skype link if you are in Office 365.



Display the chart with zoom in or zoom out, this is helpful for a large chart also you can use the feature of toggle with grid view & chart view.



Easily print your chart and get a preview of the chart before print.



OrgFinder gives you the flexibility to update some properties of your profile. Admin can select which are the properties user can update



OrgFinder allows admin to customize the theme according to your company theme


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How OrgFinder Benefits your Business?

OrgFinder Interface
  • Shows clear reporting structure
  • Records all the roles & skillset of the organization
  • Helps new employees to know the people who are working with 
  • Help to organize department or location wise structure
  • Facilitates communication in the organization

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