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Inside the “Sharing Links” when Sharing a Document in SharePoint Online or OneDrive

Introduction Online collaboration and sharing of documents are key in today’s business It comes with it, however, the question of confidentiality and security of the documents In many cases, business needs to instill fine-grained control over[...]

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Implement your SPFx Application Customizer using  Webhooks

Introduction In this narrative, I wish to discuss the implementation of an example application customizer using webhooks If you are dealing with SharePoint, you will need to use such artifacts more often these days You will use application[...]

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Understanding SharePoint Remote Event Receivers Underlying Architecture

Microsoft’s philosophy today is cloud-first with Office 365 With this, it poses a few challenges when it comes to the handling of events in SharePoint Online In the earlier days of SharePoint, you would write an Event Receiver using Visual Studio[...]

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Changing User Permissions of a SharePoint Site from SPFx Web Part using Power Automate

In one of my previous blogs, I have discussed, how we can get the group information of current logged in user and modify the user view in an SPFx application depending on his group’s permission level Here in this blog, I will show how we can[...]

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Archive Logs On Tableau Server Using Ziplogs

1 Overview Tableau server is widely used as a collaborating platform, data analytics and many more It is a product from Tableau, it means you can use the functionality of Tableau, without needing to always be downloading and opening workbooks to[...]

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