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Deep into the Permissions in Office 365 Group Connected Modern Team Site

There are many reasons why the customer is choosing modern SharePoint over classic SharePoint sites Modern sites are faster, much cleaner, responsive with an enhanced feature set compared to conventional classic sites However, it is a bit of a pain[...]

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Sharing Data Across SPFx Web Parts Using PnP Storage

Background Many SharePoint pages need multiple custom SPFx web parts for a useful design In developing such a page, a developer often encounters a situation when one web part requests the same data from a source where it is already requested by[...]

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Inside Actionable Messages In Outlook

By now, you must have been accustomed to actionable messages As a user, you receive a mail with buttons like “Assign a ticket”, “Accept/Reject leave request”, “Mark a task as complete” and so and so forth All you do is click on the[...]

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Bulk Insert Data Into A SharePoint List from Power Apps Gallery Control

Power Apps is an extremely handy tool for end-users to create their own apps quickly Being so very simple it has its own catch points Imagine that you have a requirement for manipulating a collection of data as one set and bulk update it into a data[...]

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Conditional View Formatting Using JSON in Your Intranet : Some Use Cases

It’s in vogue that one would want custom presentation of certain items in one’s intranet for reasons of branding or usability We have been hearing about view formatter and column formatter since couple of years Those can be used as a powerful[...]

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