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SharePoint Online – No code Status Column Formatting with Color Palette

Preface I always find visual analysis more perceptible Hence, even if means color-coding choice columns, I’d not think twice since color-based distinction seems faster to me While SharePoint Online list/library columns supported JSON formatting[...]

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Modifying SharePoint Modern Site Header Layout and Site Logo Using PnP PowerShell

In our recent project we get requirements to modify Header layout and Site logo of SharePoint modern site Recently, modern site header layout customization options are released in SharePoint Online/O365 With these options you can customized header[...]

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Migrating Mosaic Widget from Jive to SharePoint

What is Mosaic Mosaic is a widget in Jive for displaying content and text in a responsive layout MOSAIC is designed to grab the attention of your users and enhance the look of any overview page in your community In Jive Mosaic clickable images[...]

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How to Fetch Group Details of a User to Implement Permissions in SPFX

An application can have different types of users Not all the users have the same roles or access to the application For example, a property repository website may have admins, property managers and property viewers, where admins should have full[...]

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Installation and Configuration of Microsoft Data Gateway Server

The On-premises data gateway acts as a bridge, providing quick and secure data transfer between on-premises data (data that is not in the cloud) and specific Microsoft Office 365 cloud services (Power BI, Microsoft Flow, Logic Apps, and[...]

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