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Windows Sandbox - Quickly Turn your Windows 10 into a Dev/Test Machine

Introduction Recently Microsoft introduced a new feature in Windows 10 desktop OS - named ‘Windows Sandbox’ Sandbox is an isolated and lightweight desktop OS, atop your existing Windows 10 install Most often, we need to try and test a certain[...]

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How to Create SharePoint Lists from Other Lists

Introduction SharePoint Online released a new feature a while ago, to Create SharePoint Lists from other lists With every new release there’s always a curiosity of discovering what is in the offering I feel one can’t undermine the[...]

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How to Use Graph API to Read SharePoint Online Excel Data from Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow provides many different actions to interact with SharePoint Online list and libraries Recently, we had a requirement where excel data to be processed as soon as user upload the file to the document library Limitation/Issues Initial[...]

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SharePoint Online – No code Status Column Formatting with Color Palette

Preface I always find visual analysis more perceptible Hence, even if means color-coding choice columns, I’d not think twice since color-based distinction seems faster to me While SharePoint Online list/library columns supported JSON formatting[...]

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Modifying SharePoint Modern Site Header Layout and Site Logo Using PnP PowerShell

In our recent project we get requirements to modify Header layout and Site logo of SharePoint modern site Recently, modern site header layout customization options are released in SharePoint Online/O365 With these options you can customized header[...]

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