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Secure and Manage Secret Application Configuration Settings for Azure Applications

Scenario: Need to secure application configuration credentials (like database connection/payment gateway credentials) for different environment like developer & production Also need to manage database connection string for different type environment[...]

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How To Use Graph API To Read Data From OneDrive For Business

In my last project, there was a requirement to analyze the user's OneDrive data For example, I needed to generate a report like if the item was a folder, file or Notebook Also, I needed other information, for example, the size of the file and if the[...]

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Post Migration SharePoint Online Modern Team Site Permission Glitches

When we migrate SharePoint on-premise site to SharePoint Online version and we start validating the permission, sometimes permissions what we see are not correct! Let us look at the scenario[...]

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How to use Office 365 Management Activity API

The Office 365 Management Activity API provides information about various user, admin, system, and policy actions and events from Office 365 and Azure Active Directory activity logs which can help in tracking all types of activity and based on that[...]

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Kendo Grids vs UI Fabric Grids in SPFx

Introduction: Most SPFx applications have grids in various modules like dashboard, tasks, to-dos There are various third-party grids that can be used in these areas I have used both UI fabric and Kendo grids in these scenarios Both are good[...]

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