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How to Fetch Group Details of a User to Implement Permissions in SPFX

An application can have different types of users Not all the users have the same roles or access to the application For example, a property repository website may have admins, property managers and property viewers, where admins should have full[...]

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Installation and Configuration of Microsoft Data Gateway Server

The On-premises data gateway acts as a bridge, providing quick and secure data transfer between on-premises data (data that is not in the cloud) and specific Microsoft Office 365 cloud services (Power BI, Microsoft Flow, Logic Apps, and[...]

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Creating Single Page Applications (SPA) using SPFx with React

Introduction: The SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a page and web part model It provides full support for client-side SharePoint development, easy integration with SharePoint data and mobile-ready responsive apps The SharePoint Framework works for[...]

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How to recreate SharePoint On-Premise Email Enabled List in SharePoint Online with Microsoft Flow

Introduction Amongst the various SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint Online migration activities that I do in my organization for different customer projects, off late I came across migration of email enabled lists While many a times we discover[...]

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How to Query a SharePoint List from Another SharePoint List Using Microsoft Flow?

Why query multiple SharePoint lists from Microsoft Flow If you are wondering why on earth would I think of using Microsoft Flow to query one list from another (when there is at least one common metadata to connect line items of both lists), I’ve[...]

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