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HBase – Overview of Architecture and Data Model

In this article, we will briefly look at the capabilities of HBase, compare it against technologies that we are already familiar with and look at the underlying architecture In the upcoming parts, we will explore the core data model and features[...]

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The Basics of Hadoop

In this blog series, we will discuss the Hadoop ecosystem (with a focus on Hortonworks distribution of Hadoop for Windows Server and HDInsight Service for Azure) - core technologies such as HDFS and MapReduce, Pig (containing a data flow language to[...]

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NoSQL Databases – A Primer

In this blog, I will be discussing about NoSQL databases, how different are NoSQL Databases compared with Relational databases, different types of NoSQL Databases[...]

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Comprehensive SharePoint 2013 Development Environment Installation and Configuration

Overview (This topic was presented at (SharePoint Saturday Silicon Valley, June 22nd, 2013) Over the years working with SharePoint we all have built out various SharePoint related environments for the purpose of Development In the past (Prior[...]

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Reporting Services in SharePoint 2013 Integrated Mode Cannot Support Scale Out Mode

Overview You have deployed SharePoint 2013 with Reporting Services in the SharePoint Integrated mode From the Central Administration, System Settings>Manage Services on Server, you try to start the SQL Server Reporting Services service  You[...]

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