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Beware of Restore-SPSite Requirements

Overview You have SharePoint 2010/2013 Farm deployed In the same SharePoint Farm, you are trying to back up a site collection and restore on to either a different site URL or managed path or different web application  You are doing this using[...]

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Integrating WordPress blog into SharePoint 2013

In this blog article, I will discuss about how we can easily integrate a WordPress blog with your SharePoint site with the help of SharePoint 2013 designer Work Flow Introduction Using SharePoint 2013 REST API and building SPD based simple[...]

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Critical Office 365 External Sharing Security Gotcha

In an Office 365 Tenant, you must be careful with External Sharing in a few different scenarios: 1) If your organization has migrated from an existing on premise Farm in which you used “NT AuthorityAuthenticated Users” to grant[...]

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Consistent access denied / Login prompt and HTTP 401 errors in IISLOG when trying to open up Central Admin in SharePoint 2013

Issue SharePoint 2013 installation went well without any errors, however, I was not able to get to Central Admin It consistently gave me access denied error message and login prompt Solution After a great deal of troubleshooting, it turned[...]

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HBase – Overview of Architecture and Data Model

In this article, we will briefly look at the capabilities of HBase, compare it against technologies that we are already familiar with and look at the underlying architecture In the upcoming parts, we will explore the core data model and features[...]

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