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Integrating Your Enterprise Applications with Yammer – Sign-up Process

With the recent acquisition of Yammer, there is a great deal of excitement in the marketplace Yammer has been successful for quite some time With the recent acquisition, Enterprises will be looking at it more carefully as they select their[...]

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SharePoint 2013 Hidden Ribbon

I am on the fence about this new feature of SharePoint 2013 I guess I drank the Kool-Aid about how the ribbon was the best UI invention every, and how your average user will perform 95% of all actions in the first tab So when I got to play[...]

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Request Management (RM) in SharePoint 2013

Another very cool new feature of SharePoint 2013 is its Request Management capabilities This pairs up an old feature in 2010 called “Resource Throttling” with a new feature called Routing Rules These Resource Rules allow you to redirect traffic[...]

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Sandbox Solution vs SharePoint App

One of the cool new features of SharePoint 2013 is this concept of SharePoint Apps Developers that are familiar with SharePoint 2010 will compare this with a Sandbox Solution But that doesnt do it justice, Sandboxes are for children to play in,[...]

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How can I build a useful Executive Dashboard?

The design of executive dashboards varies depending upon the needs of the executives for which they are designed However, well-designed executive dashboards commonly have the following characteristics:[...]

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