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Request Management (RM) in SharePoint 2013

Another very cool new feature of SharePoint 2013 is its Request Management capabilities This pairs up an old feature in 2010 called “Resource Throttling” with a new feature called Routing Rules These Resource Rules allow you to redirect traffic[...]

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Sandbox Solution vs SharePoint App

One of the cool new features of SharePoint 2013 is this concept of SharePoint Apps Developers that are familiar with SharePoint 2010 will compare this with a Sandbox Solution But that doesnt do it justice, Sandboxes are for children to play in,[...]

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How can I build a useful Executive Dashboard?

The design of executive dashboards varies depending upon the needs of the executives for which they are designed However, well-designed executive dashboards commonly have the following characteristics:[...]

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Using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 for Your Intranet, Extranet and Public Website

As many of you may know , Microsoft SharePoint has been the largest-selling software product in the history of the company In the last 11 years, since the arrival of SharePoint 2001, SharePoint has captured a large share of the collaboration[...]

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K2 Blackpearl Tasklist web part filtering to the next level

K2 offers Management Work list web part and Work list web part for managing work lists  However, there are situations when the web parts need to be customized to meet additional business requirements  Here are some use cases that may require the[...]

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