Switch ServiceNow from Okta to Azure AD

Topics covered in the video: -
  1. Configure ServiceNow
    • Update User Form to show SSO Provider
    • Activate the Multi Identity Provider
  2. Setup AzureAD
    • Add the ServiceNow App
    • Configure the AAD Application SSO Setting
    • Assign Users and Groups to use the Application
  3. Test the SSO
    • Update ServiceNow users to use the new Idp

Break Glass Account for Microsoft 365

Topics covered in the video: -
  1. Why have a Break Glass account
  2. Creating an account
  3. Creating a user
  4. Diagnostics Settings
  5. Logs
    • Query
  6. Create an Alert Rule
  7. Log into Microsoft 365

Activate Privilege Identity Management (PIM) Role in PowerShell

Topics covered in the video: -
  1. PIM Overview
  2. PowerShell - Teams Administrator
  3. PIM Assignments
  4. Automate Runbooks

Setup Azure AD Terms of Use

Topics covered in the video: -
  1. Terms of Use
    • Create a New Term
  2. Conditional Access
    • Create a New Policy
  3. View Terms of Use by logging into Microsoft Office
  4. Identity Governance
    • View Audit Logs