Migrate Application Authentication from Okta to Azure AD

Save money by consolidating your identity providers by moving away from Okta to Azure AD. Learn how Netwoven helps you migrate from Okta to Azure Active Directory

Extending AAD Risk Anomaly with Power Automate

Topics covered in the video:-
  1. Out of the Box User Notification
  2. Email Notification with Call to Action
  3. Email with Options
  4. Adaptive Cards inside Teams

Defender Application Guard - Browser Isolation

Topics covered in the video:-
  1. Benefits
  2. Requirements
  3. What is it and How does it work
  4. Deploy through Endpoint Manager - DEMO
    • Device Configuration Profile
    • Endpoint Protection
    • Application Guard Internals

Creating a Conditional Access Policy

Topics covered in the video:-
  1. Conditional Access
    • Named Location
  2. Creating a Policy
    • Assignments
    • Access Controls
    • Enable Policy
  3. Check Conditional Policy under 'Activity -- Sign-Ins'

Switch ServiceNow from Okta to Azure AD

Topics covered in the video: -
  1. Configure ServiceNow
    • Update User Form to show SSO Provider
    • Activate the Multi Identity Provider
  2. Setup AzureAD
    • Add the ServiceNow App
    • Configure the AAD Application SSO Setting
    • Assign Users and Groups to use the Application
  3. Test the SSO
    • Update ServiceNow users to use the new Idp

Break Glass Account for Microsoft 365

Topics covered in the video: -
  1. Why have a Break Glass account
  2. Creating an account
  3. Creating a user
  4. Diagnostics Settings
  5. Logs
    • Query
  6. Create an Alert Rule
  7. Log into Microsoft 365

Activate Privilege Identity Management (PIM) Role in PowerShell

Topics covered in the video: -
  1. PIM Overview
  2. PowerShell - Teams Administrator
  3. PIM Assignments
  4. Automate Runbooks

Setup Azure AD Terms of Use

Topics covered in the video: -
  1. Terms of Use
    • Create a New Term
  2. Conditional Access
    • Create a New Policy
  3. View Terms of Use by logging into Microsoft Office
  4. Identity Governance
    • View Audit Logs