October 16, 2014

Microsoft and Salesforce - Part 2

Microsoft and Salesforce - Part 2

Notes from the Salesforce Dreamforce Conference

Matt Maher, Technical Architect and I were at the Salesforce conference for the last few days.  There were several interesting announcements regarding the integration of Microsoft technologies and Salesforce.

During the session, several integration solutions were displayed, some developed by Salesforce and others developed by Microsoft.  Below is a summary of the some of the integrations / solutions that were demonstrated:

  • Salesforce1 support for Windows Phone. Salesforce1 is Salesforce’s mobile development platform
  • Salesforce for Outlook support for OWA and Outlook on the desktop
  • Excel PowerBI Data Connector for Salesforce
  • Mail Merge and Salesforce reports for Excel
  • OneDrive integration with Salesforce FILEs
  • SharePoint Library integration with Salesforce FILEs
  • Chatter for SharePoint
  • Integration of SharePoint files in Chatter
  • .NET Libraries that allow development using C#/ASP.NET from Visual Studio using Salesforce objects
  • Ability to search SharePoint repository from Salesforce

We will be sharing more on each of these in our subsequent posts.  You can visit our Netwoven Blogs for more information.  Netwoven works to bring together both Microsoft and Salesforce technologies together.  We actively monitor developments by both of these companies.

The recent announcements is great news for many organizations but at the same time presents many questions too.  Some common questions customers might have are:

  • Should I use Chatter or Yammer?
  • How should I integrate Yammer with Salesforce?
  • Should I use Power BI for Office 365 or Sales Analytics Cloud or both?
  • How can I integrate my SharePoint and OneDrive better with Salesforce?
  • How do I search across Salesforce and SharePoint repositories?

Please email to us at ntenany@netwoven.com or mmaher@netwoven.com if you would like to discuss more.

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  1. Hi Niraj,

    I am interested in what was demonstrated for #7 – Chatter for SharePoint. Was it a microsoft solution or something provided by salesforce? Can you elaborate?



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