eRoom to Microsoft 365 Migration

Move from legacy eRoom to modern Microsoft Microsoft 365 collaboration solution

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eRoom to Microsoft 365 Migration

Considering migrating from eRoom to Microsoft 365?

Old tools hurt your USERs’ productivity.
Old tools hurt YOUR credibility. It’s time to move on.

Ready to move from your outdated eRoom implementation to a modern Microsoft Microsoft 365 collaboration solution? Microsoft 365 is one of the most deployed productivity tools today, used by 85% of organizations. Enjoy the benefits of Microsoft 365 without the hassle and risk of migrating your users and the environment by yourself.

You know you’re ready to leave eRoom if:

  • Users complain about eRoom’s clunky user experience
  • Users stop using eRoom and opt for rogue cloud-based collaboration tools
  • Can’t justify the expense of managing and maintaining eRoom
  • You’ve already got Microsoft 365
But migration is not so simple

But migration is not so simple

It’s tempting to think that you can tackle the migration process yourself. But it’s fraught with risk. Sure, there are tools out there that can help but they fall short and are not out-of-the-box solutions.

You may find yourself wrestling with:

  • Feature mismatch between eRoom and Microsoft 365
  • Outdated eRoom APIs which hamper your ability to extract and migrate content
  • Lack of supporting documentation and available expertise
  • Managing stakeholders and their expectations

Should you really take this on yourself?

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Let Netwoven do the heavy lifting for you

Let Netwoven do the heavy lifting for you

  • Leverage Best Practices
    A successful migration starts with planning and ends in broad and in-depth user adoption.​ Netwoven ensures that your migration to Microsoft 365 incorporates best practices so your team achieves the most productivity for the way they work.​
  • Comprehensive Turnkey Approach
    Netwoven takes a holistic approach that includes prioritizing content usage based on how your organization uses existing and future content, maps and migrates your eRoom to Microsoft 365, removes unnecessary content and inactive users, applies rules for user access and security.
  • Minimize Risk and Downtime
    Migration can be a complex endeavor involving many moving parts, many stakeholders, multiple phases. Netwoven eRoom to Microsoft 365 migration helps you get it done in weeks depending on the complexity of your project. Ensure a smooth migration process with minimal downtime.

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