Slack to Teams Migration

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Slack to Teams Migration

Transform Productivity with Microsoft Teams

Communication & collaboration in the workplace has recently seismically shifted to require more than just simple back-and-forth conversations. Today’s modern workplace has transformed to embrace persistent chat as the core of productivity. This core, tightly integrated with the other facets of work and the systems that facilitate them, along with centralized governance and security, provide a best-of-breed productivity platform that gives your organization the competitive edge.

Slack was a primary catalyst for this change and remains a prominent player. However, in a world where Microsoft 365 reigns king in the content & collaboration space, it is a task to remain competitive. While Slack successfully addresses many requirements in this space, it falls short in its ability to deeply integrate with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Microsoft has clearly recognized the value of this new productivity model with its huge investment in building Microsoft Teams. The current feature comparison, continued roadmap of innovation, deep integration with Microsoft 365 and the fact that this is already bundled with your current Microsoft 365 licensing, makes a migration evaluation a no-brainer.

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Introducing Slack to Teams Migration

Enhance engagement and streamline productivity with Microsoft Teams



  • Streamline migration by understanding the existing content, freshness, structure and usage patterns
  • Define use cases
  • Prototype, evaluate, gather feedback and garner support from stakeholders
Proprietary Migration Utility

Proprietary Migration Utility

  • Proprietary tool(s) to overcome limitations of commercially available tools
  • Maximize throughput and efficiency
  • Flexible content mapping
  • Effective processing of delta content for minimizing downtime
User Permission & Mapping

User Permission & Mapping

  • Place and Content Type Mapping
  • Handling of inactive users
  • Dealing with external user access
  • Proprietary transformation of Slack to SharePoint permissions model


  • 100% validation using automated testing
  • Minimize the workload placed on your content owners


  • Consider business priorities and constraints, group Slack content into convenient migration waves
  • Effective utilization of migration resources


  • Strategic change management
  • Effective communications plans
  • Community, support and outreach programs
  • Targeted training
  • Measure success
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